The music never dies in the cave! The sounds ensure that you get in the mood!

Meet & dance with DJ XLII

Music styles: DM, Industrial, Darkwave, EBM, Gothic, Dark Ambient, Neofolk, Paganfolk, Medieval, Soundscapes, Heavenly Voices, Neoclassical, New Wave, ’80s, Alternative, Classical

Previous perrformances: DJ at Gala Nocturna (B), Old Souls Gala (I), Bal du Masque (NL), Danse Macabre (D), Cyberia & Summer Darkness (NL), The Endless Night Vampire Ball (F, D, USA) Cyberia, Boudoir Bizarre, Illusia, Coalescaremonium, Downward Spiral, Inrichting, Morticia, Crna Ruza&Insignia, Unterwelt, Triganda, Hades Chamber, Nostalgia, Absinthe Party, Baroeg Open Air, MECHA and The Blackout Project, etc.

DJ XLII is a DJ originally from the Dutch gothic/dark underground and fetish scene. Depending on the party, he can play a harsh pounding rythmic industrial and/or EBM set, an atmospheric set mixed out of movie soundtracks, soundscapes and dark ambient or a dark romantic dancenight consisting of darkwave, paganfolk, neofolk, medieval and heavenly voices. But that’s not all, he often also mixes the genres, or adds som